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Where to Buy a Heart Cut Diamond?

shopping for a ringThe process of choosing a heart cut diamond brings up the same factors as to choosing any other diamond. It calls for the same level of knowledge and caution. It is well worth your while to consider your choice by weighing the balance between the 4 diamond Cs carefully and take your time to come to a decision.

Because of its rarity and limited amount of quantities, buying a heart shaped diamond is best done online where you have access to a bigger range and variety of shapes (fat/thin) to choose from. Regardless of where you finally decide to shop, I would strongly advise you to get hold of an ASET image to help you determine the stone's optical performance.

Due to the way many of the online vendors work and the 'virtual' inventory that they hold, most of them do not have access to the physical diamond. Getting hold of a magnified picture of the diamond is already a tough challenge; let alone receiving an ASET image which is a near impossible task. Basically, most online vendors simply show a list of diamonds from their suppliers and many of them had never even see the diamond even after a purchase is made.

For this reason, I recommend you to work with James Allen. Besides having magnified photographs of every single diamond in their inventory, James Allen also has the proper equipment to capture ASET images for you and offer this service to consumers for free. In my opinion, this is a very big plus point as you don't buy sight unseen and there is no cost on your side just to review the diamond.

James Allen's business model puts customer experiences in top priority. It means that you get a safe, reliable shopping experience. With good information to supplement the diamond grading report, you can make a rational decision before laying down the bucks.

On first glance, it might seem like there are a lot of steps that you would need to undergo in the diamond buying process. However, this is really the best way to go about shopping for a heart shaped diamond or any other fancy cuts for that matter. I had been through that and I can totally understand that.

If you don't feel confident enough to make the stone selections by yourself, please don't hesitate to contact me via email with your budget details and specifications. I would surely be able to answer your questions and help you make the selection process much easier.