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Where Can You Get Diamond Rings at the Lowest Price?

When shopping for jewelry, you want to insure you are getting the best price for the quality of your gems. If you want to know where can you get diamond rings at the lowest price, you have come to the right place. This overview will help you make educated decisions before you make the significant purchase of buying a diamond ring online.

Prices for diamonds are becoming more and more competitive. The U.S. is benefiting from a broader base of suppliers which allows buyers more choice and a range of selection for diamonds.

Popular Retailers

Many people assume that the popular mall outlets or retail chains offer the best price. Stores such as Zales, Kay Jewelers or Jared’s are actually some of the highest priced retailers out there for purchasing diamond rings. This is simply because they have a huge amount of marketing strategy behind them which makes them a popular hot spot for engagement rings, anniversaries and other jewelry gifts.

These retailers actually mark their diamonds up incredibly and jewelers are taught to trick customers with false sale prices, hefty mark ups and embellished claims. There is a benefit to some of these places however because they are generally not going to out rightly scam you into purchasing an entirely worthless jewel. It is simply important to be aware of their bargaining power and negotiate accordingly. Knowing they mark the prices up quite a bit will help you to hopefully bring the price down where it should be.

You want to insure any place you go to buy a diamond ring offers you a 30 day money back guarantee. They should also have a satisfactory rating with the BBB (Better Business Bureau) and be able to provide a GIA diamond certificate or equivalent. Do your research first on the store of interest. Look online to hunt down any scams and find out who is reputable in your area and who is not. Most jewelry stores will not out rightly scam you as it is difficult to build a reputation but they may be tricky with the price and try and convince you a diamond is worth more that it’s true value.


Many people think that purchasing diamonds online is a huge risk. This is actually not the case and you can find terrific deals with online purchases. The main factor is insuring you go with a trusted site. Sites like Blue Nile, James Allen and Brian Gavin Diamonds have a solid industry reputation and have been around for years. The most important thing to consider is the 30 day money back guarantee.

This allows you enough time to receive your diamond and have it appraised to insure it is what you paid for. Any site who offers less than this timeframe should be well scrutinized. Any place online should give you the certifications which allow you to know exactly what you are getting. These can be compared upon receipt.

Outside the U.S.

You should avoid purchasing diamonds in the Caribbean or Islands as well as certain areas within China, India or Thailand where they are notorious for scamming tourists into “great deals”. There are no laws to protect you from any bogus claims or guarantees and you simply have no recourse.

Knowing where can you get diamond rings at the lowest price will help insure you get the most bling for your buck. Always be sure to do your research and especially educate yourself on the diamond’s 4 C’s. This involves cut, clarity, carat and color. Knowing the various ratings involved with diamonds will let you know which diamond retailer has the best prices.

Verify the company you are about to buy from and the diamond you are about to buy

Even though we can generally assume that the company you are about to trade with is trustworthy, there are a few precautionary measures you have to take in order to assure a smooth deal.

There are two main signs of a trustworthy online business: excellent customer support (usually always-on) and stunning design incorporating a rather wide supply of jewelry. If either of these is unmet, you should leave the service and look for something else.

In the next step, when you have settled with your service of choice, you have to verify the certain diamond you are about to choose. In order to make sure that your diamond is conflict-free and you are paying for the claimed characteristics, you need to ask for a certificate. A certificate proves the origin of your diamond and enlists the different material characteristics that might prove to be useful if you opt to sell your gem stone.