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Bridesmaid And Wedding Jewelry

brides maid gemsContrary to popular belief, fostered by fairy tales; beautiful weddings do not come into being, magically. Conversely, it is mundane things, such as meticulous planning, timing and co-ordination that actually give weddings their own ethereal beauty. As any harried bride or professional wedding planner would readily confirm, it all comes down to details, where the flowers for groomsmen boutonnieres and the bridesmaid jewelry needs to be looked into, with almost as much care as the bridal dress, if perfection is the order of the day.

When deciding on bridesmaid jewelry, it is important to keep in mind that the items chosen should complement the overall feel of the wedding. For instance, weddings can be simple and traditional, modern and avant-garde, or even carefree and Bohemian; and so the jewelry chosen, should ideally reflect this, in its own way, too.

Color is another important aspect of bridesmaid jewelry. For not only should the chosen item, complement the bridesmaid’s gown, it should be in keeping with the overall color scheme of the wedding. Some may opt for silver or gold jewelry; and here too, it is important to keep in mind that clash of garish contrasts is best avoided, at all times. For instance, gold jewelry worn with aquamarine gowns or silver jewelry worn with orange, are seldom aesthetically appealing, unless handled in a very artistic manner.

jewelry for weddingWhen choosing bridesmaid jewelry, it is also important to consider the size, figure and coloring of the bridesmaid, for best results. For instance, someone tall would be able to wear a large, striking piece of jewelry with aplomb, whilst a more diminutive person may be swamped down with an over-sized, statement piece of jewelry; and vice versa.

If there is to be more than one bridesmaid at the wedding, the bridesmaid jewelry should ideally be identical, as this is one instance where there is, indeed, beauty in uniformity. If for some reason, this is not feasible, then one should at least ensure that the jewelry chosen for the different bridesmaids, do not clash with each other, as this will simply undermine good taste and common sense.

The cost of the bridesmaid jewelry needs to be given due consideration, too; as all expenses, no matter how small, tend to place a strain on the overall budget involved. However, this does not mean, one needs to opt for crude, cheap designs. Some items found in thrift stores and sales, sometimes hold as much appeal as their more expensive counterparts.

As can be clearly seen, choosing bridesmaid jewelry too, is something that needs careful thought. Therefore, know what you want, keep expenses within your budget and spend some time going over the smallest details, so that your dream wedding can indeed, be a reality.