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Ring Settings Suitable for Oval Diamonds

oval cut diamond engagement ringsA stone alone is never enough

As you are reading this, you are probably done with selecting the gemstone that best fits your needs. Choosing an oval cut diamond is almost always a very clever choice.

Even though the most popular shapes are the round and princess cut, the oval still holds its own weight amongst them. It is a classic shape that does not try to show off but can still be the center of attention thanks to its unique character. On the other hand, it will not stick out of the line and is probably going to be very stylish for a very long time.

However, even though the main diamond has been chosen, we are quite far from a final engagement ring. Let us take a look at the various setting options that could enhance the strengths of your gemstone.

Setting Options to Consider

When it comes to actually choosing an appropriate setting for your diamond, there are two major issues to deal with: choosing the metal the stone(s) will be set into and the potential surrounding stones.

Your metal of choice will usually be one of these (listed from cheapest to most expensive): sterling silver, colored gold, yellow gold, white gold and platinum. In the case of diamond rings, a white metal (sterling silver, white gold or platinum) is usually preferred, but nothing is stopping you from using other metals.

When it comes to selecting (or omitting) surrounding stones, the possible complexity is much higher. First, you have to decide whether you would like to see other gemstones on your ring or not. An oval ring can be powerful on its own, so leaving it alone is not a problem, we call that a solitary setting.

The surrounding of the main stone can be built either from diamonds or from other types of gemstones (sapphires, emeralds, rubies). Because of its shape, it is versatile enough to allow for a wide range of other shapes to be combined with them: so you are free to use the cushion cut, baguette cut or round cut diamonds as the building blocks of your pavement, and these are just a few examples.

Making the Acquisition

engagement ring setting for oval diamondsSince the popularity of the oval cut diamond has faded in recent years, your local jewelry might be filled with round cut and princess cut diamonds. The oval cut diamond is a versatile type of stone, so you should not be satisfied by those few stones a typical jeweler has nowadays.

There are other platforms where you might be able to find stellar stones. First of all, you should consider browsing the offerings of various online jewelry distributors: they still have an amazing range. On the other hand, if you would prefer something with a traditional edge you might want to visit some antique stores: the offer is still somewhat weak, but with a little patience you might even find a ring with a story on its own.

Who is Going to Wear the Ring?

I can never accentuate enough that people should not buy diamonds to show off that they have got a few thousand dollars to spare. A diamond should be a very personal accessory a woman has, and it should always match her personality. Does the setting’s metal go nicely with the skin of the lady? Is the ring too simple or maybe has too much bling-bling for its wearer? Pay attention not only to what you are buying, but who you are buying for, also!