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Treated Diamonds

diamondThe diamond certificates are important when you are buying diamonds whether you are a buying a diamond engagement ring or a pair of diamond studs. When you see a comment or label on a diamond being clarity enhanced, you need to keep your eyes peeled and be wary.

There are many different ways to enhance the colour of a diamond. The most popular methods include applying a layer of coating and heat treatment. Sometimes, diamonds are coated with substances that are able to hide yellow hues, however they are not permanent and will eventually rub off. Other forms of ink can also be used. These measures are usually temporary as various cleaning solutions can be applied to remove the colour.

The other method of changing a diamond’s colour is via heat treatment. As most natural diamonds are very expensive this can be a cheaper option to gain the desired effect. Heat treatment is permanent and can cause excessive strains in the diamond (easy breakage or chipping when knocked).

Though heat treatment is a very affordable way to own fancy colours and better diamond colour grades, the diamonds are usually devalued in price once the treatment has been performed. The best advice I can give is: STAY AWAY from any colour enhanced diamonds unless you are very confident of what you are dealing with.

That’s it in a nutshell. Thank to the internet, you can now get quality diamond jewelry at a great price. For example, online jewelers have some of the best pricing for quality diamond studs on the internet. You need to shop around. And now that you have all the tools why not put them to the test.