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Should I Choose a Solitaire or Single Ring Setting?

When buying an engagement ring, choosing a setting is the most crucial thing. Solitaire engagement rings are one of the most popular choices for engagement rings. However, not everyone will choose a solitaire setting.

A simple solitaire may do for a traditional, understated bride-to-be while a trendy woman might prefer a tension set or bezel set ring. The best thing when making a choice is to be well informed and choose a ring that matches your everyday life, instead of going by looks alone.

Solitaire Style

Solitaire is a style, rather than a technique for setting, and it is popular with diamond rings. In this style, a gemstone or diamond is showcased without accent stones surrounding it along the ring’s circumference. Prong setting is the most commonly used technique for mounting a solitaire diamond.

When choosing a solitaire style, you should keep in mind that besides round diamonds, numerous other diamond shapes can be used to create a beautiful ring. Unique shapes like pear, oval, emerald, and marquise can all be used with a solitaire style because they are eye-catching due to the fact that the emphasis is on shapes rather than size of the diamond. Therefore, if you’re someone who isn’t very interested in very large stones, these shapes will suit you.

While shape and size can vary depending on tastes, you shouldn’t compromise on the quality of the diamond, which is still the one feature of the ring that stands out most.

A solitaire style typically has a single diamond but you can choose a setting technique other than prong, which is the most popular with solitaire rings. However, you cannot use settings that comprise several stones – like the channel setting – because they cannot work with a single stone.

Tips for Choosing Single Ring Setting

Choosing a setting should not be based on beauty alone. You must strike a balance between the stone you select and your lifestyle. For instance, if a person has a relatively active lifestyle, a high-prong set stone will not suit their hand as it will only wreak havoc. In other words, a solitaire style that most probably uses a prong setting does not offer good protection for the diamond, meaning that the stone will most likely get damaged. Settings of this kind should be avoided by the sporty types, those whose jobs are manual or avid gardeners.

Tips for Choosing Solitaire Rings

With a single diamond in the center of the ring, solitaire style rings are very popular with people who are proposing. So when you think about choosing a solitaire ring, keep that in mind: what is the occasion for which you’re buying the ring?

Consider the color of the stone as well. Some people are very picky when it comes to color of jewelry. Then also, the amount you’re willing to spend on a ring will determine what you choose in the end.

In a nutshell, weigh up the benefits and disadvantages of your choice of ring before you finally decide to spend your hard-earned money and you’ll not regret your decision afterwords.