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Ring Shapes And Designs

A ring is a symbol of a lasting union. But did you know that there was much more to a ring than that? A ring is a reflection of your personality or the personality of the one who gifted it to you. So next time you choose to place a ring on your finger or on the finger of your love, think of the inner attitudes it truly reflects.

Round cut stone

ring designsThis is one of the most expensive varieties of diamonds. The symmetry and the smooth lines of the ring show that the wearer is a traditionalist. A perfect circle represents lasting romance. Ladies who prefer round cuts are trustworthy and great team players in a relationship but lack spontaneity. Perfect round cuts are also a symbol of class. This is the brilliant, classic cut that has remained the most popular through centuries.

Cushion cut

These ring designs are all about style. This style is now trending rapidly and super stars like Jennifer Garner has chosen to wear cushion cut rings. They tell the world that you are daring, stylish and sophisticated.

Princess and radiant cut

The type of ring designs that are gaining rapid popularity today, the princess cut is a sign of elegance. It will bring out your inner royalty and show that you are a true romantic.

Marquise ring

Such ring designs are symbols of achievement, adoration and talent. If a man gives you a marquise ring, you know he has you up on a pedestal and admires you for your gains. Thus, these ring designs are also signs of self confidence and modernity. A woman with a marquise ring on her finger will never stick to the conventions.

heart ringHeart-shaped cut

These ring designs are for the sentimentalists and the romantics. If you are choosing a heart shaped ring, a romantic wedding with a lot of white, soft music and doves is a great idea.

Emerald cut stone

An individual with an emerald cut on her ring is a true leader. It symbolizes power and inner strength. It is a reflection of regal elegance and also perfection. So, next time you see your boss wearing an emerald cut ring, you will truly know that she is no easy person to work with.

Transparent stone

Ring designs with transparent stones are the most commonly worn type. These ring designs are a symbol of class, beauty, elegance and purity. This is the very reason why most wedding rings have transparent stone that reflect light beautifully.

Bold colors

Ring designs with bold colors on rings like blood red, bright pink or gleaming yellow is a sign of fashionably and bravery. A lady who chooses to wear such colors are likely to be very self confident, outgoing, spontaneous and fun.