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How to Determine The Best Setting For Your Diamond Studs

diamond stud settingsIf there is one item that can add the finishing touches to a woman’s wardrobe, it’s a pair of diamond studs. It’s a well kept secret that many would prefer you didn’t learn about. It really gives them the fashion edge over other woman.

The setting of the diamond studs will make all the difference on what type of fashion statement they make. It’s a waste to spend your money on diamond studs to have them fit sloppily.

If you are buying diamond studs that are under one half carat (0.50) or less total weight (so one quarter carat per earring), you generally don’t have to worry about the type of setting. But you are buying earrings that are one carat or more then you need to pay special attention the to type of setting.

We’ll look at the three most common settings.

1. Martini Style Settings – This is by far the best setting but it is also more difficult to find. With this setting, the diamonds back rests very near to the ear lobe. The center of gravity is further back so the diamond rests staring ahead of the ear lobe giving it a neat and tidy appearance. It’s a very clean finish.

3. Crown Style Settings (Not recommended) – Most of these settings push the diamond forward. The heavy weight of the setting can cause the earring to drop in a downward fashion in your ear lobe. It presents a sloppy, unprofessional look.

If you want the very best setting that compliments the diamond studs, the most then choose a martini setting. If that’s out of your pocket book then consider the pros and cons of the other two setting and decide what is best for you.

Remember you also need to consider the cut of the diamond. Princess cut is the number one cut for diamond studs but there are others such as the emerald cut. Consider all your options before making the final choice.

There are some great sites online selling diamond studs for a fraction of what you would pay in your local jewelry store. Sites like James Allen offer quality diamonds at prices everyone can afford and you can design your own earrings with ease.