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How to Choose Diamonds

diamondsAre you buying diamonds for the first time? As one of the most sought after precious stones, diamonds can be pricey, and therefore it takes great preparation to choose the best diamonds your money can buy.

Many first time diamond buyers find it hard to pick the perfect piece of jewelry without sufficient knowledge and yet there are so many ways that you can go about shopping for diamond. You can order for an already set piece of jewelry, or you can purchase a loose stone online and then take it to a jeweler to have it set.

In this article, we’ll discuss how you can go about buying the best loose diamonds within your budget.

Firstly, it’s always better idea to buy loose diamonds than buying an already set piece of jewelry that are commonly found in local stores. There are many benefits in doing this:

• It’s much more fun when you and your chosen jeweler build the ring together. Your piece of jewelry will be custom designed and you’ll be part of the whole process.

• It will also cost you much less for almost any type of setting you choose than it would if you were buying a ring that is already set. There are lower mark-up costs in this case and you have a lot of more control with regards to the price, which helps you avoid over spending.

• You also get to learn more about diamonds and the process of creating a perfect piece of jewelry from a stone. Also, the knowledge will be handy the next time you go out to shop for diamonds.

The next important thing when buying loose diamonds is choosing a reputable jeweler. It’s usually a better to shop from a classic brick-and-mortar store where you can physically see and touch the stone before buying.

Also, lightings in some retailers can be deceiving and set up to produce a brighter white light which will make a yellow diamond appear more white. You want to ensure you are seeing clearly your diamond to begin with. This way when you return and check it again you will notice any significant differences.

However, when you are buying online, you get significantly lower prices and a huge range of selections. Of course, the downside of it is that you can only depend on pictures, grading reports, your own analysis and what the jeweler tells you.

blackMany things come into play when choosing the right jewelry to buy. Cost, beauty, style, personal taste, and a host of other things all play a major role when choosing diamond jewelry. Very often, you would have to pay more for diamonds of higher quality and beauty because they are usually highly priced.

In the following article, we’ll discuss how to choose diamonds and how you can select the best quality diamond at a price you can afford.

Firstly, if cost is not such a big concern for you, then you could go for a G-H color diamond of excellent cut and good clarity. You get the same stunning and beauty with diamond earrings of this quality as you would with the highly priced top quality diamond. The price is not exactly low but moderate. There are three reasons for this choice:

• One is that the excellent cut makes the diamond sparkle with life. Second is that according to majority of expert jewelers, a diamond of G-H color will appear colorless once it has been mounted, and therefore it wouldn’t make sense moneywise to spend more buying diamonds of D-E-F color. And lastly, a clarity of SI2 means that there are no noticeable flaws that can be seen by the naked eye, and since this diamond is far cheaper than those of higher clarity grades, it makes it a worthwhile choice.

• You can also get good bargains when you select clarity grades in the range of I1 provided you maintain the color range and choose a good cut.

• If you’re heavhly limited by your budget, there’s nothing to be ashamed of by lower quality diamonds. Whatever diamond you put on your ear will sparkle, and in fact, most people would prefer wearing a lower quality stud of 1 carat to wearing ½ carat studs of superior quality.

Here are some aspects about diamonds to help you choose the best diamonds for your budget.

Diamond Color: Most diamond shoppers prefer colorless stones and indeed, colorless diamonds are not only good looking but rare and pricey as well. However, one thing to keep in mind is that color doesn’t affect the stone’s ability to sparkle and this should be considered when buying.

Diamond Clarity: The less the inclusions (flaws) on a diamond, the better the quality and therefore the higher the price. However, the stone’s overall beauty is hardly affected by these flaws because they are not visible by the unaided eye. So, unless you’re very particular and not financially limited, clarity grade shouldn’t be a major issue.

Diamond Cut: As you might already know, cut is what brings out the beauty and brilliance of a diamond. Poor cut means poor quality diamond. A diamond that is bright towards the center shows excellent cut, and therefore higher price.

Brilliance: This is greatly influenced by the cut. It is the light reflection that the eye will see when you look at a diamond. And since it is influenced by the cut, the better the cut quality, the more brilliance.

Now that you know how the different diamond features affect price, go ahead and select the ring of your dreams.