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Five Reasons to Choose a Princess Cut Diamond

princess cut diamond symbolismsThe popularity of the princess cut diamond has skyrocketed in recent years. Even if there are a good number of popular diamond shape choices, none of them has the potential to be considered a rival of the ever popular round cut brilliant.

The princess cut can not only be considered a rival, we can actually see a very tight competition – if you ask me, it is only a matter of time until we will be able to call the princess cut the most popular shape on Earth. Let us look at 4+1 reasons why you should consider choosing a princess cut diamond.

1. It is New Technology

No, I do not believe that anything that is new explicitly has to be better than old things, especially when it comes to such a traditional topic like diamonds. However, there are exceptions. The princess cut was developed in the 1970s, which can really be considered ultra-new technology.

The market of diamonds is ruled by shapes and techniques that can relatively be considered ancient – where ancient also means “noble”, of course. When a fresh member of the market climbs to the top in just over thirty years, it must be something outstanding, worthy of our attention.

2. Princess Cuts Are Not as Fastidious as a Princess

There may or may not be a relationship between the age of the technology and its tolerance against common diamond flaws – but one thing is sure: you cannot find a diamond shape that treats color and clarity problems so elegantly.

Speaking just a bit more technically: you can allow go for a weaker color and/or clarity grade while still getting astonishingly looking diamonds. Yes, that means that princess cut gives you the option to tighten your budget. No, that does not mean it is going to be cheap.

3. It is a Safe Bet

reasons for choosing princess cut diamondsPrincess cut has every single feature that needs to be present if we want to call something a “safe” purchase. So, what is a safe purchase? A princess cut diamond is unlikely to chip or break, it has a stable structure. Also, it is popular and versatile enough so that you would be able to sell it to someone if you decided so for whatever reason.

However, if you are just going to keep the stone in your safe as an investment, you can also do that: it does not seem likely that the value of princess cut diamonds is going to decrease much – anyway, dozens of insurance companies come with stellar offers applying to princess cuts, so that you shall make no worries.

4. Extra Facets Equal Extra Sparkle

In the end, we do not really care for how long have diamonds similar to ours been produced; we do not care about the technical details; and we definitely do not care about insurance options. There is only one thing we (should) care about: when we look at our stone what do we see?

Do we see heavenly sparkle? Well, if you bought a princess cut diamond, than that is what you almost certainly see. Princess cut stones have 76 facets (surfaces that reflect light) and use a surprisingly large portion of the original stone.

+1 Are You Driven by Romance?

Chances are high that you are seeking information on princess cut diamonds because you are about to put a ring on your beloved one’s finger. There is a very good reason why this diamond shape is called the “princess” cut: it makes any woman feel like your princess instantly. Without a question, princess cut diamonds are the best possible choice for engagement rings.