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Does the Quality of Individual Small Diamonds Affect a Pave Setting?

There are rumors circulating that pave diamonds are rather undemanding and the deficiencies of individual diamonds will not come through looking at the final ring - in most cases, that could not be further from the truth.

To treat the problem as it is, we have to realize that individual, smaller problems can easily add up: a color flaw in a few pave stones will make the entire pave diamond ring uneven. Similarly, if the small stones have inclusions and blemishes, why should we expect the entire pave set to look flawless?

Similarly, cut is essential when it comes to pave diamonds: we want your pave diamond ring to showcase maximum fire and brilliance - so we need all of your little stone to be cut perfectly. Otherwise, without the optimum beauty of diamonds, pave diamond rings would not be a tad bit more interesting than just plain platinum rings.

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