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Celtic Wedding Jewelry

necklaceCeltic wedding traditions have indeed captured the hearts and imaginations of many. This fact is amply re-iterated by the fact that Celtic wedding vows, Celtic wedding gowns and Celtic wedding jewelry are all the rage, today.

The popularity of Celtic wedding jewelry is manifold. For some, its appeal lies in the fact that it celebrates their unique ancestry and heritage, be it Irish, Scottish or Welsh. For others, it speaks of a romance of a bygone era; whilst yet others, find the symbolic connotations associated with such jewelry, charming and endearing.

One cannot speak of Celtic wedding jewelry without mentioning Celtic wedding bands. These come in an array of designs, and would-be-purchasers would indeed be swamped with choice in this regard. For instance, Claddagh wedding bands, Celtic weaves, Celtic shields, Celtic spirals and Celtic knots are just a few of the  innumerable items available in the market, today.

For the more sentimental, who wish to wear personalized Celtic wedding jewelry, the answer is close at hand.  Names, initials, dates or even heartfelt messages can be engraved in Gaelic script, without much ado, if that is the wish of the recipient.

Celtic wedding jewelry is not limited to wedding bands, alone. Heraldic jewelry, earrings, pendants and even men’s jewelry, such as cufflinks and tie pins, can be found or custom made, with relative ease.

celtic braceletCeltic wedding jewelry can be crafted out of a range of raw materials. Of which, jewelry crafted out of silver, yellow gold (be it 10K, 14k or 18k), white gold and platinum are much in demand, by most soon-to-be-wedded couples.  Some even seek wedding bands inlaid with diamonds, and these too, are not too difficult to find, if one simply knows where to look. For instance, most Irish jewelers have a range of Celtic wedding jewelry on offer, to suit the tastes, budget and requirements of different customers. 

The cost of Celtic wedding jewelry would depend on a range of factors. For instance, the raw materials used, the size and weight of the item of jewelry in question, and the intricacies of the workmanship involved, would all play a decisive role in the cost calculation.

Also, prices may vary depending on the manufacturer/retailer involved and the exclusivity of the object in question. Customized items, special promotions, and those that are available on discount, will all have an impact on the final costs involved.

As is readily apparent, Celtic wedding jewelry is indeed, here to stay. So, if you are one of the many people who have fallen under its spell, rest assured that you are not alone, for how many of us, can resist the romance of the past and its proud heritage, as we step into the throes of matrimony?